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EDIT: Cannonfodder and Partran of FA nabbed the slots. Thanks all~

(x-posted from FA)

EDIT: I had no idea there was a con this weekend, WHOOPS. I'm extending the time for takers until Wednesday at 10am EST.

Hey, folks! I'm at a point where I'm comfortable taking on a little bit of new work and need to whip up some new examples for my painted stuff, so I'm offering up some slots.

What you get:
1 full-body portrait w/ simple background


Base price & payment terms: 
US$200, Paypal or Square Cash only. Payment due upon approval of rough sketch.

What I need from you:
Please comment in this journal with a link with your most up-to-date character reference. I'll be picking out two on Wednesday (I'll post a journal before I close for new takers).

-No canids this time, sorry. I'm wolfed/foxed/dogged out at the moment.
-No adult stuff (non-sexual nudity ok)

Other stuff:
Extra charges apply for the following:

-Wings; Digitigrade: +$10
-Extra limbs (5 or greater): +$5/limb
-Props, SFX: $10-$20+
-Complex clothing/armor: Varies by piece, feel free to ask for an estimate

Non-furry characters welcome!

That's that, I think! Feel free to comment or email me at asterionblazing AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions.

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Favourite cartoon character: Gazelle Man, the Ginyu Force, Daffy Duck


The Pride of Life - Ep. 08, pg. 34 by Rhandi-Mask
The Pride of Life - Ep. 08, pg. 34
Read it here:


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bunnicustard Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sneaks onto your page* Psssst, I come bearing cookies. Also you have been tagged. Don't hate me. :3…  

:cookie: *leaves plate of cookies and sneaks out*
marlon94 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
I just want to say, I just read your comic strips of The Pride of Life, and I like it! Especially with the protagonist: Kedamono.
You do a great job, I would really like to see more from you, so keep that good work!
Rhandi-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, Marlon! I'm glad you've been enjoying my comic, and I'll definitely keep the pages coming. Thank you!
marlon94 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yes I do, I like it, very a lot. You're welcome.
And by the way, the name's Ricky, not Marlon.
Rhandi-Mask Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Was just going by your username, my mistake.
(1 Reply)
Page-Mistress Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Okay, so, a few (like five or something) days ago I started noticing ads for your webcomic Pride of Life on another webcomic's site, and finally gave in and clicked the ad on Monday, then started reading it yesterday (Tuesday) because I actually had the time to read it then. I found myself hooked, then thought to myself "I wonder if there's fanart for this comic?", and came to dA to look. Then I found a link to this page on some fanart, so I came here to look at your gallery. Then I found your DBZ stuff, remembered that on one of the pages of PoL's site, you had said you were once a fan (not sure if anyone ever really stops being a fan so much as they just become less concerned about it), and decided to check it out. So I looked at the fanart, and started reading your fanfic, and despite hearing the characters in their DBZ Abridged voices, found myself thinking "Man, the Ginyu Force here is like the one on the DBZ I first watched." Then I read the "Recoome rhymes with doom" line and thought "Holy-! It is the one I first watched!"

...and yes, in real life I would babble like that with few pauses. Anyway, in short, love the webcomic and love the fic. Highly likely I'll reread it a lot, then eventually decide to copy and paste it to Microsoft Word so I can read it whenever I want when I don't have internet access.
Rhandi-Mask Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, sounds like quite the trip, ha! I'm glad you've enjoyed both my fic and original work. :)
TheGoldenMoon Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
You...are NOT...gonna believe this! I actually had a dream of KEDAMONO the other night!! XD
TheGoldenMoon Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Hello, I have just recently become a BIG fan of your comic. I've just skimmed through it at first, but now I'm getting into reading the whole story! I've read most of the major parts of the story and It's all beautifully done; the art AND the dialogue. And I just LOVE that big lovable puffball Kedamono! X///D He's just so funny and kind and (I feel embarrassed this since I'm a man, but I just gotta).....just adorable! He just looks so cute with all that fur.^////^ I'm beginning to love him as much as Wuffle!

 But, I also can't help but feel sorry for him too. His story's so sad. Beast or not hardly anyone excepts him...except for Minerva (bless her heart); and the Chieftain.....I think he's like backwards and forwards on the subject of Kedo (a nickname I made up for Kedamono), But I do think he cares. All Kedo wants is to be recognized as something much more than a village idiot; That he CAN make a difference. He may be a klutz at times, but he's got a heart of gold, and would anything to protect those he loves, no matter how much they pick on him. Sorry if it sounds like I'm going overboard by the way....I tend to go into a lot of detail when I'm expressing myself.....^^; ^^; ^^;

I just wanna hug the big guy so bad right now....

.......Can I if it's okay...? >///^///<
Rhandi-Mask Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, Golden! I'm glad to know you've been enjoying my comic so much! I'm sure Kedamono will find his place in time, and he'd probably be open to a hug, too. :D
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